fire: What you need to know

In today’s world, I think that we can all agree that we don’t need any more problems. Many of our problems today are related to actual or potential, “Large Scale Disasters”, however, having a variety of current problems/concerns, doesn’t mean that we can afford to minimize or overlook previous problems or concerns. What makes this even more alarming, and in some cases deadly, is that some of these “problems” are not well known, or may be new. Information involving consequences or “side effects” of new technology is not always readily available to the public. Research also may have uncovered a problem with a long-accepted safety measure…. or simply stated…the safety measure that we had faith in, may not work. New research, and a discovery of these problems should, in theory, lead to a correction/remedy through new or revised Laws, Codes, Rules, and Regulations. There are a few problems with this correction/remedy: often it takes time, there may be political implications, which can also slow the process, and most importantly, the new or revised Laws, Codes, Rules, and Regulations don’t always apply to all situations and potential victims.

Building Codes and Fire Code Regulations (In addition to other agencies’ regulations) saves lives proactively; however, some dangers can only be addressed through Public Education and Awareness.

This video is designed to tell you “What you need to know” to keep your family safe.

                                                                                 Carl Keith