The “SMOKE DETECTORS / WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” Video has been designed for General Audiences in a format that allows the instructor to customize the program to their presentation style and to adapt it to their intended audience.

It has been divided into individual components that allows for customizing and personalization. 

It is built based on the GMA/NEOFPA Video (Module 1). An alternative video is also embedded in the PowerPoint (Rossen Reports). (Also: labeled: Module 1) 

This Program can be:

  • Used as is in its entirety.
  • It can be downloaded and modified.
  • The PowerPoint and Script can be substituted for the entire program (Except for one of the videos from Module 1).
  • Module 2 and Module 3 videos can be used or replaced by the PowerPoint and Script. If the module 2 and module 3 videos are used, the script will prompt the instructor as to which slides, (PowerPoint and script), to forward to after the video is played. 
  • Slides (and corresponding script can be skipped as desired). 

Components of program:

Introduction: Introduction of Presenter and present need for concern. 

Module 1 video (GMA/NEOFPA) 3:39 minutes


Module 1 video (ROSSEN REPORTS) 6:20 minutes

—Transition to next Module—(& Key points from Module 1) 

Module 2 video (Smoke Detector Basics) 6:19 minutes

—Transition to next Module—

Module 3 video (Shopping for a Smoke Detector) 6:48 minutes

Conclusion / Credits



 (Note: The PowerPoint contains the complete script in the Notes section).  

 (Note: The PowerPoint and PowerPoint Script are word for word from the video).   

PowerPoint Script:

 (Note: Information/notes to Instructors are in red type / embedded videos are hi-lighted in yellow)

Supplemental Audience Handouts: